7L6521102 or 7L0521102 Volkswagen Touareg Cardan Drive Shaft

GKN original replacement for Volkswagen Touareg Cardan Drive Shaft with references 7L6521102G/J/M/R/P or 7L0521102B/D/G/H/M/N online.
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References 7L6521102G/J/M/R/P 7L0521102B/D/G/H/M/N Volkswagen Touareg Drive Shaft are a original GKN replacement. They are a new and original cardan drive shaft transmission of Volkswagen first equipment, with one year warranty.

We sell Volkswagen Touareg Cardan Drive Shaft or Cardan Transmissions. Our transmissions are the SPIDAN - GKN originals at half price. We are the first manufacturer of this component in first equipment, we have the same transmission shaft or cardan what origin, at the best market prices.

7L6521102G/J/M/R/P or 7L0521102B/D/G/H/M/N is available for Volkswagen Touareg. We sell 4x4 spare parts in Valencia and online to the whole world since 1950.


- Model: Volkswagen Touareg

- Two shaft pieces with support frame

- Length: 1246,40 MM

- Crown drills diameter Ø: 110 MM

- Drills 1 diameter Ø: 12.15 MM

- Number of drills 1: 6

- Drill 2 circle diameter Ø: 86 MM

- Drills 2 diameter Ø: 10.2 MM

- Number of drills 2: 6

- Tube diameter Ø: 70 MM

- Reference numbers: 7L6521102G/J/M/R/P 7L0521102B/D/G/H/M/N

- Condition: New piece