902408 KONI Shock Absorber Broshuis

902408 KONI Shock Absorber Broshuis.
KONI Shock Absorber 902408
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Sales price 149,00 €
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KONI Shock Absorber 902408
KONI Shock Absorber 902408
KONI Shock Absorber 902408
Description :

- Connector type:
  16 x 87
  28 x 66
- Shock Absorber Mounting Type
   Bottom eye
- Top pin:
   Lmax. 874 mm
   Lmin.  510 mm
- Information: Hydraulic rebound stop

We sell koni shock absorbers for most platforms and semi-trailers on the market. These shock absorbers are adjustable in hardness, which means that their life is much longer than that of a normal shock absorber, since these shock absorbers, when they lose pressure, only have to adjust their hardness to return them to their normal performance.


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