Metal Lube Anti-Friction Engine Treatment 236 ml.

Metal Lube Anti-Friction Engine Treatment 236 ml. online.
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Metal Lube Anti-Friction engine engine treatment in 236 ml container drastically reduces friction between car parts up to 95%. This will result in lower fuel and oil consumption.
The temperature of the engine, the oil and the water or coolant will be reduced considerably, at the same time avoiding the risk of overpressure in the engine and the cooling circuit.
Improves the cold start and protects the engine against wear in crucial situations such as: starting, short trips, high temperatures, failures in the lubrication system, etc.
Metal Lube Anti-Friction balances the compression between cylinders, improves the response of the engine and its power, significantly reduces friction and vibration noise.
In engines equipped with turbo, keeps the oil film constant in the bearing bushings, prevents the oil from carbonizing due to the high temperatures in the turbo shaft.
Metal Lube Anti-Friction engine engine reduces emissions of polluting gases, protects and lengthens the life of the catalyst and particulate filter.
This does not generate any type of layer or increase in tolerances, it can be used in completely new engines.
Meta Lube is not an oil additive. It is not lost with the oil change because it treats the metal not the oil.
Compatible with mineral and synthetic oil.
You can use it on engines equipped with catalyst or particle filter.


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