Valvoline 10w40 Max Life 5 Liters Engine Oil high mileage

Valvoline 10w40 Max Life 5 Liters engine oil can online. For high mileage vehicles.
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Sales price 18,15 €
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Valvoline 10w40 C3 engine oil 5 Liters Max Life is a fully synthetic engine oil with special additives for high mileage.

Valvoline max life 10w40 is a special engine oil saving gasoline and diesel for high mileage.

This is the first formula with additional ingredients to extend the life of the engine.

It is a semisynthetic engine oil that revitalizes high mileage engines, delaying the aging process.

Thanks to its special additives, such as advanced sealing conditioners and cleaning agents, Max life oils revitalize the critical parts of the engine so that they continue to work better for longer.

Valvoline max life 10w40 has been chosen product of the year by Lubricant's World. MaxLife motor oil is backed by the main European independent certification body: TUV WORLD.


- Synthetic mixing motor oil.

- Help prevent losses and oil consumption.


- ACEA: A3 / B3

- API: SM / CF

- MB 229.3

- PSA B712300

- RENAULT RN0700 / 0710

- VW 502.00 505.00

- FIAT 9.55535, G2 0 D2


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