Valvoline ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Liter

Valvoline ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Liter 1L for automatic transmissions of cars and vans. Shop online here!
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Valvoline Multi-Vehicle ATF 1 Liter is a full synthetic formulation recommended for automatic transmissions of cars and vans. It contains advanced additives to prevent the major causes of transmission breakdown and help extend transmission life. Valvoline ATF Dexron is recommended for use in automatic transmissions and reconditioned, as indicated in this file, without invalidating the guarantees of new cars.

- Recommended by Valvoline for use in:

GM Dexron® IID, IIE, III, IIIH, VI, 9986195 Mercedes-Benz NAG-1, 3403-M115

Ford Mercon®, Mercon®V, SP, LV, FNR 5 Mini Cooper Mopar AS68RC

BMW LT 71141, LA 2634, M-1375.4, 6 ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B Nissan / Infiniti S, D, J, K-matic

Chrysler Diamond SP-III, NAG-1, 3403-M115 Saab 93 165 147

Chrysler ATF +3 Subaru ATF, ATF-HP

Honda/Acura ATF-Z1 (no CVT) Toyota / Lexus Tipo T, T-III, T-IV, WS (except hybrid vehicles)

Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, III, IV Volvo 1161521**, 1161540**

Hyundai SPH-IV VW / Audi G-052-025-A2, G-055-005-A2, G-052-162-A1

KIA SP-II, III, IV VW / Audi G-055-162-A6, G-052-990-A2, G-060-162-A2

KIA Red-1 VW / Audi TL 52162

Mazda M-V* ZF ATF M 1375.4, 6`

Mercedes-Benz 236.1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 Transmisiones Jatco N 402

- Not recommended by Valvoline for use in:


Low viscosity liquids for automatic transmissions

Ford M2C-33 F/G

Mercedes-Benz 236.12, 20

Mercedes-Benz NAG-2

BMW with green label.

Mazda M-V with Aisin Warner 6-speed in CX-9 models*

Volvo models with transmisión Aisin Warner 6-speed**

Volvo with change Aisin Warner TF 80SC 6-speedy TF

80SC AWD with 8-speed.

- Characteristics and advantages:

Superior protection

Optimal protection against wear and aging, also in very severe working conditions.

Advanced additives.

The modern additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foaming and deposits.

Failure resistance.

High-quality synthetic base oils and a system of additives prevent failures and the stick-slip phenomenon even after prolonged use.

Better friction properties.

Premium grade base oils, viscosity index improvers and friction modifiers allow for better friction properties for a smoother shifting. In addition, the product is resistant to aging and has a good thermal stability.

Condition the joints

Condition the transmission joints to avoid fissures that lead to leaks.

Constant and stable viscosity

Excellent viscosity properties, even at very low temperatures. Viscosity extremely stable for long periods.

Maximizes the life of high mileage transmissions


Indicated for automatic changes of cars, vans and other vehicles for which the manufacturer recommends the specifications indicated in this file.

It can be used in some manual transmissions.

Sometimes recommended as a liquid for power steering.

Indicated for long change intervals.


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