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Enrique Requena, S.L. began its activities in the fifties as a company specialized in the marketing of spare parts for trucks. Currently and after more than six decades the company continues to be led by the third generation, betting on business development through new channels.

Its lines of business cover the entire range of spare parts for light vehicles, automobiles, trucks, buses, 4x4s, industrial vehicles, tractors and vehicles for public works.

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The Drive Shafts, Cardan Shafts or Propeller Shafts

The drive shafts or cardan shafts  are also named propeller shafts. The drive shafts transmit the engine torque and rotation to the vehicle drive wheels to allow the suspension and rotation movement of front wheels. We have been selling Spidan drive shafts, propeller shafts and cardan shafts for 70 years. These drive shafts are new, original parts from the GKN group. Spidan is a brand which make original drive shaft - prop shafts and cardan shafts for all vehicle manufacturers and we are able to offer technology and quality at half the original price. Do not hesitate to contact us. We have been working with this brand for many years and are able to provide you with all the information required to purchase the most suitable cardan shaft for your vehicle. Spidan 4WD, CROSSOVER, SUV, drive shafts or prop shafts: We stock Spidan or GKN propeller shaft for the volkswagen Touareg, Kia Sorento, Porsche Cayenne, Fiat Panda 4x4, Nissan Navara, Xtrail, Qashqai, Terrano, Serena and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Drive shafts for vans and light vehicles: We stock Spidan drive shafts for the most popular vans. Contact  us if you require information about prop shafts for the Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Nissan Cabstar y Atleon y Mitsubishi Canter. All our drive shafts are original parts manufactured by Spidan.¡Do not accept imitations!

Public works cardan shafts for Manitou.

In our on-line shop, we sell public and civil works cardan shafts for manitou. Our cardan shafts are original equipment at half price because being cardan shafts GKN distribuitors, the first manufacturers of this component in first equipment, we have the same drive shafts or original Cardan at the best prices of the market.

Spiral bevel and Hypoid gears, Pinion separately and Crown.

Spiral bevel with pinion separately and crown are ones of our most sold products. Consult us if you want to buy a spiral bevel for truck, bus, tractor or 4x4 industrial vehicle . We have complete differential groups for all kind of vehicleswith a large diversity of spiral bevels according to the vehicle, diameter and number of teeth of the pinion separately.

Water pump parts,  Rod Assembly and kingpin kits, suitable to NISSAN trucks.

We are distribuitors of all kind of NISSAN trucks parts, specially for water bombs,  Rod Assembly and kits kingpin with the same original quality but at half price. If you look for a water bomb,Rod Assembly bars or kingpin kits for other vehicle brands, you should consult us. We have a large experience in this business.