Ford Transit Propshaft of Two Pieces

Ford Transit Propshaft two pieces

We distribute  ford transit propshaft of two pieces, these propshafts are new, manufactured in Spain and with a one year warranty.

FROM 529 EUROS (NOT made in China). We have 15 models, 9 models with the structure of two pieces.

Do not hesitate to call us and consult other models of ford transit propshaft, 69 years of experience guarantee our professionalism in this article and we have the largest and widest range of propshaft for this model.



To find your propshat or card:

– Look in the header photo of the article the figure that corresponds to the scheme that takes your propshaft. Check the measurements and select the corresponding figure.
– Go to the chart with the measurements you have next to it and you can check the measurements of the selected figure.
– Do not hesitate to call us but find your propshaft of two pieces for your ford transit we will be happy to help you
You just have to buy it online or call us and in two or three days you will receive it in your workshop or home, always with the quality and experience that we have in Enrique Requena.


Mercedes Sprinter PropShaft – A9064102116 / 9064102116

469,00 TAX EXCL. 567,49 TAX INCL.

BMW X5 and X6 PropShaft – 26107589129

395,00 TAX EXCL. 477,95 TAX INCL.

Volvo XC90 PropShaft – 31256271

739,00 TAX EXCL. 894,19 TAX INCL.
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