Constant Velocity Joints and Driveshafts

Constant velocity joints and driveshafts

Function and design of GKN constant velocity joints and driveshafts

Constant velocity joints and driveshafts are design elements for uniform (homokinetic) transmission of torque. These elements permit a constant angular velocity on the input, the intermediate and the output shafts. There is no necessity of meeting the mounting conditions which have to be observed with universal driveshafts.

A transmission element such as the constant velocity joint can be used in industrial applicationas well as in commercial and special-type vehicles.

GKN constant velocity drive shafts are used,for example, in the following applications:

• filling machines
• soil compactors
• packing machines
• machine tools
• textile machines
• mill drives

• printing machines
• wind turbines
• metro trains
• marine applications
• commercial vehicles
• pump drives



Mercedes Sprinter Propshaft A9064107916 9064107916

795,00 TAX EXCL. 961,95 TAX INCL.

Mercedes Vito-Viano Propshaft A 6394103506

379,00 TAX EXCL. 458,59 TAX INCL.
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