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Exportation of Spare Parts for Cars and Trucks

Exportation of Spare Parts for Cars and Trucks

Exportation of Spare Parts for Cars and Trucks. With customer satisfaction as our main objective, Enrique Requena S.L. transmits professionalism and experience in all its processes, improving the quality offered. This has allowed us to successfully enter the international market, having met the quality requirements of customers worldwide.

Thanks to our logistical support and our regulatory warehouses, we have a wide range of products which allows us to meet all our customers’ needs.

We work with the main brands in the market and have agreements with the main wholesalers in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us. After 64 years in the business, we know exactly what we are doing, as shown by our experience and our professionalism. We will not waste your time and you will find the solutions that you and your company are seeking.

We have exported to the following countries:

  • CUBA


Mitsubishi Pajero PropShaft – MR389334

675,00 TAX EXCL. 675,00 TAX INCL.

Porsche Panamera propshaft – 97042101133 / 970.421.011.33

495,00 TAX EXCL. 495,00 TAX INCL.

Volkswagen Crafter Propshaft 2E0521163T 2E0521293M

549,00 TAX EXCL. 549,00 TAX INCL.
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